Research Internships

The Department of Computer Science offers Master’s students the opportunity to take part in a research project. This course (INFO-4998) is worth 9 credits. It provides a deeper insight into the scientific work of the research group and allows students to work on current scientific issues. The course overview of the department provides a more detailed description.

We, the Chair of Database Systems, also offer research projects, which usually belong to INFO-PRAK. We are currently working intensively on the DuckDB database system and are constantly contributing to the source code.


The start of a research project is often flexible in terms of time. As we do not always have specific projects ready, you should get in touch with us early. Please send your application to and include

  • your name,
  • matriculation number,
  • study program, and
  • a list of all relevant courses you have attended (in the areas of database systems, SQL, functional programming, C++).

Please also briefly explain your motivation for the research project with us and what you are particularly interested in.