General Information on Courses

If you have any questions regarding our courses that you don’t find answered on our website, please contact us via


Are the lectures recorded?

As a rule, our lectures are not recorded. We prefer (as far as possible) face-to-face lectures.

There are recordings of the following lectures from the Corona semesters on YouTube:

Our courses are constantly being developed. There is no guarantee that the recordings will be sufficient in the current semester.

Is there a Moodle/Ilias course?

As a rule, we do not use Moodle/Ilias (except guest lectures).

Where can I find information about the courses?

You can find information about our current courses on our website. We usually publish the general framework before the start of lectures. Details on exercises, forum etc. are announced on our website and in the first lecture or within the first week of the semester.

How do I register for courses?

For seminars you will find the registration modalities on the respective website (usually via email). For lectures (except guest lectures) you do not have to register—only for exercises. The information is made available in the first lecture.

Which forum is used for the lectures?

We usually use a Discord server for the organisation of our lectures and exercises, i.e., for official notes, questions and discussions. Registration and regular attendance is not optional, but required for participation in the course. You will find more information on the respective websites of our lectures.