Data Provenance for SQL

We explore new ways to derive the provenance (or lineage) of data items that flow through programs or queries. Once this provenance information has been derived, we know

  1. exactly which input items led the program (or query) to emit which output items (Why and Where Provenance), as well as
  2. which program parts were involved in the computation of each single item (How Provenance).

Our exploration started with the analysis and instrumentation of Python programs used in Scientific Data Processing (in the context of the ScienceCampus Tübingen). We now tweak and transfer the resulting techniques such that they apply to the derivation of data provenance for relational queries, SQL in particular. There is the potential to derive very fine-grained provenance information for substantially larger SQL dialects than were considered up to now.


Data Provenance for Recursive SQL Queries

Tobias MüllerTorsten GrustBenjamin Dietrich

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How, Where, and Why Data Provenance Improves Query Debugging -- A Visual Demonstration of Fine-Grained Provenance Analysis for SQL

Tobias Müller • Pascal Engel

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Detached Provenance Analysis

Tobias Müller

PhD Thesis, Universität Tübingen, 2020.

You Say ‘What’, I Hear ‘Where’ and ‘Why’ — (Mis-)Interpreting SQL to Derive Fine-Grained Provenance

Tobias MüllerBenjamin DietrichTorsten Grust

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How ‘How’ Explains What ‘What’ Computes — How-Provenance for SQL and Query Compilers

Daniel O'GradyTobias MüllerTorsten Grust

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Have Your Cake and Eat it, Too: Data Provenance for Turing-Complete SQL Queries

Tobias Müller

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The Best Bang for Your Bu(ck)g — When SQL Debugging and Data Provenance Go Hand in Hand

Benjamin DietrichTobias MüllerTorsten Grust

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Provenance for SQL Based on Abstract Interpretation: Value-less, but Worthwhile

Tobias MüllerTorsten Grust

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Where- und Why-Provenance für syntaktisch reiches SQL durch Kombination von Programmanalysetechniken

Tobias Müller

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