Thirteen New Players in the Team: A Ferry-based LINQ to SQL Provider

Tom Schreiber • Simone Bonetti • Torsten GrustManuel MayrJan Rittinger

Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, Volume 3, September 2010 (VLDB 2010), Singapore, September 2010.

We demonstrate an efficient LINQ to SQL provider and its significant impact on the runtime performance of LINQ programs that access large data volumes. This alternative provider is based on Ferry, compilation technology that lets relational database systems participate in the evaluation of first-order functional programs over nested, ordered data structures. The Ferry-based provider seamlessly hooks into the .NET LINQ framework and generates SQL code that strictly adheres to the semantics of the LINQ data model. Ferry comes with strong code size guarantees and complete support for the LINQ Standard Query Operator family, enabling a truly interactive and compelling LINQ demonstration. A variety of inspection holes maybe be opened to learn about the internals of the Ferry-based LINQ to SQL provider.