XQuery on SQL Hosts

Torsten Grust • Sherif Sakr • Jens Teubner

Proceedings of the 30th Int’l Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB 2004), Toronto, Canada, August/September 2004.

Relational database systems may be turned into efficient XML and XPath processors if the system is provided with a suitable relational tree encoding. This paper extends this relational XML processing stack and shows that an RDBMS can also serve as a highly efficient XQuery runtime environment. Our approach is purely relational: XQuery expressions are compiled into SQL code which operates on the tree encoding. The core of the compilation procedure trades XQuery’s notions of variable scopes and nested iteration (FLWOR blocks) for equi-joins. The resulting relational XQuery processor closely adheres to the language semantics, e.g., it respects node identity as well as document and sequence order, and can support XQuery’s full axis feature. The system exhibits quite promising performance figures in experiments. Somewhat unexpectedly, we will also see that the XQuery compiler can make good use of SQL’s OLAP functionality.